kristin (kristin_rose) wrote,

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And when it comes down to it, the truth is- my heart is still so broken. And at a few rare times when I let myself think about it..I feel it, and it hurts more than anything I could ever imagine. And I miss you, and you aren't the same person anymore. You're gone. I just want to tell you that I still love you, but it's only a waste of air, now that I am wasting away loving someone who doesn't exist anymore. Missing someone who doesn't miss me. I feel these things when i think about you, and I hate myself for honestly still hoping that you might feel things like this...even for a moment. But who are you? It's a mystery to us both I guess. You're trying to figure it out, and looks like the more you search your soul I see how much of it you've lost.

: (
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